January 2022 I was in your position. I was looking to upskill and looking for a job away from policing.

My confidence was low and I doubted my abilities.

I didn't understand the skills and experience I had and how valuable they were outside of policing

I doubted I would find a job outside of policing


By November 2022 I had spent time learning about Cyber (the career that I decided on). I used mostly free resources.

I felt confident and motivated. This was largely down to my Linked in Connections

I understood my skills and experience and their value in the Private Sector

I wrote my own CV and Cover Letter

I applied for Jobs

I landed a job in the industry I wanted and in a great company that values me.


Since this transition I have spoken to helped and supported a number of others.

Motivation and Mentoring are key to success and providing the confidence to achieve the above.


Each person has different goals and is motivated in different ways and looking at different paths.

Therefore I am offering a 30-minute call with me to see how I can help support you.


Please contact me via:

Email: [email protected]

DM LinkedIn: Paul Slaymaker

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