This area can be mind-blowing, confusing and demoralizing so your mindset, confidence and motivation need to be high. I used LinkedIn job searches almost 90% of the time. Companies and Recruiters will likely use LinkedIn for the majority of their jobs:

Below are a few of my thoughts and tips on Job Hunting:

1) You will need a good CV and Cover Letter ready and Tailor your final CV to the job you're applying for.

2) Know what area or area's you want to go into. This will not only help tailor your CV but also narrow your searches.

3) Use saved searches on LinkedIn and get alerts for the areas you are looking to go into.

4) read the application. Don't be put off by requirements stating degrees or certifications you don't have. But also be realistic don't apply to be a brain surgeon or a barrister without the mandatory qualifications.

5) Make contact with the recruiter or someone in the company that may be able to give you some help and support.

6) Contact recruiters direct. If you look at recruiters' profiles they often tell you what areas they recruit into.

7) Don't just apply for any jobs you see. Think about what you want. Are you looking to go into a big established company or a startup? What's important to you i.e. Job Security, Salary, Training.

8) Positive Mindset and Patience. You will get knockbacks you may not even get any feedback. You may go through multiple interviews and not get the job. Try and get feedback stay positive and move forward with the next one.