LinkedIn is a really important tool for lots of reasons:

1) When you apply for a job, a good recruiter/company will always look at your LinkedIn Profile:

  • A good LinkedIn Profile will tell the company a lot more about you than your CV and is a great way to evidence projects and achievements

2) Building a network on LinkedIn is important:

  • You will gain vital knowledge of specific area's and jobs

  • You will get great support from a lot of people

  • Your network may find you that perfect job

3) Read posts, Like posts, Comment on Posts

  • This will help you build your network and get you involved in interesting conversations

  • It will raise your confidence and communication skills

4) Start to post on LinkedIn:

  • Will give you confidence and Motivation

  • Gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge

  • Supports other

5) LinkedIn is a positive place to be

  • Unlike most social media LinkedIn provides support, motivation, Education and knowledge.