CVs are Important

This area for me was the most difficult part. I have always found it hard to write about myself and showcase my own successes. I had to work very hard to produce a CV I was happy with and think I ended up on Version 11 before I was content.

Below are a few of my thoughts and tips on CVs (please note there are many different ways to write a CV):

1) Your CV should ideally be two pages.

2) Keep it simple. Fancy WordArt, Graphics and pictures should be avoided.

3) Add your LinkedIn profile

4) Your first paragraph is probably the most important section.

5) Evidence and Result your skills and successes and Tailor these to the job you are applying for.

6) Make it understandable to the Company. Acronyms for example can often confuse recruiters.

7) Don't waste space. everything on your CV should showcase you and relate to the job you're applying for. i.e. Don't waste three lines when you can explain it in one line.

8) Sell yourself